The New Culture Club presents Paws Around the World Holiday Inn Portland Airport (PDX) Jan 24, 25 & 26, 2014
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Show hours: 3 pm - 10 pm
Check-in: 1 pm to 2:30 pm


Show hours: 9 am - 6 pm

Saturday 7 am - 8:30 am
Sunday  8:30 am

All cats must remain in the show hall during advertised hours unless written permission is given to leave by the show manager.

Entry information is confidential.
Therefore, please do not ask us who has entered, or whether a particular person or cat is entered.

Cat counts will be announced only AFTER closing!



To compete, kittens must be at least 4 calendar months old as of the first day on which they are competing. (To compete on Friday, the kitten must have been born on or before September 28, 2021; on Saturday, on or before September 29, 2021; and on Sunday, on or before September 30, 2021.)

To be allowed in the show hall, kittens must be at least 3 calendar months old on their first day in the show hall. (To be in the show hall on Friday, the kitten must have been born on or before October 28, 2021; on Saturday, on or before October 29, 2021; and on Sunday, on or before October 30, 2021.) Note: A TICA litter registration must be provided to the Entry Clerk at the time of entry. Any kitten without proof of age will not be entered in the show, nor will it be allowed in the show hall. If you cannot provide proof of age (TICA litter registration or individual registration) when requested by Show Management, the underage kitten(s) will be removed from the show hall.



This is a non-vetted show. Health requirements are as follows:

  • All cats and kittens must be current on their vaccinations.
  • Cats with suspected contagious or infectious illness, or with parasites, will be removed from the show hall. 
  • Cats from households with contagious or infectious illnesses within the last 21 days are ineligible for entry.
  • Please clip claws on all four feet.


TNCC will abide by all governmental COVID-19 restrictions, rules, and regulations in effect on the show dates, whether issued by city, county, state or federal government. All exhibitors must abide by all TICA, club, and government rules in effect for this event. Anyone not complying with these rules will be required to leave the show without refund of any monies paid.

Per club rules, you must wear a mask at all times while in the show hall, unless you are actively eating or drinking. Your mask must properly cover both nose and mouth. Failure to follow these rules will result in being expelled from the show without refund.


For most registered breeds and household pets: With the exception of new breeds, registration with TICA is not necessary to compete in the cat's first show, but is required for the 2nd and subsequent shows, and for confirmation of championships and TICA regional and international awards. Contact TICA for specific registration procedures.

For a pedigreed cat, kitten or alter to be shown without a registration number, it must be eligible for registration and competition in TICA in the class in which it is to be shown. You will need to provide proof of eligibility when you enter the cat. (More info here.)

ALL Preliminary New Breeds (PNB), Advanced New Breeds (ANB) and New Traits (NT) must have a TICA registration number prior to entry in any TICA show; no Preliminary New Breed, Advanced New Breed or New Trait may enter a show with a "pending" TICA registration.

Household Pets and Household Pet Kittens do not need to be TICA-registered to compete.



  • Household Pets (HHPs) must conform to all the same health standards and age requirements as other entries.
  • Household Pet Kittens (at least 4 months old, but not yet 8 months old) can be either altered (neutered or spayed) or unaltered.
  • All Household Pets 8 months of age and older must be neutered or spayed.

Filling Out the Entry Form

Please contact the entry clerk if you are not sure how to describe your HHP's color, or if you have any questions about how to fill out the entry form. The following are some helpful tips for filling out the entry form:

  • Catalog Section: This is the class in which your HHP will be competing. Select "Household pet adult" if your cat is at least 8 months old, and "Household pet kitten" if your kitten is over 4 months but not yet 8 months of age.
  • Hair Length: If your HHP has short hair but a bushy tail, it should be entered as a longhair. 
  • Color/Pattern: Your HHP's accurate color and pattern. (E.g., "Seal Point," "Brown Mackerel Tabby," "Blue and White", etc.) If your HHP has a small white locket but is otherwise solid-colored, it should be entered as solid-colored . or example, if your cat is black except for a small white locket, you would enter it as "Black", not "Black and White".)
  • TICA #: The cat's TICA registration number, if any. Registration with TICA is not necessary to compete, but it is necessary in order to claim titles. If your HHP doesn't yet have a TICA #, leave this field as "Pending".
  • Status: Titles your cat has earned, if any. If this is your HHP's first show, select either "Kitten" or "Senior" in the Household Pets column.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: MULTI-CAT DISCOUNTs images\uparrow.png (751 bytes)

To be eligible for the multi-cat entry discounts (2nd entry and 3rd-and-additional entry), entries must have the same registered owner.

Cats co-owned by members of two different households are eligible for the multi-cat entry discounts only if a scan or Xerox copy of the cat's TICA registration accompanies the cat's entry. The registration must show the names of both co-owners. (If you are entering such a cat online, you must fax, mail, or email a copy of the registration to the entry clerk in order to receive these discounts.)


Cage size:     Single -- 22" tall x 22" deep x 22" wide (approx)
                    Double --22" tall x 22" deep x 44" wide (approx). 
Each entry includes a single cage space that is 22" tall x 22" deep x 22" wide (approx). 

Grooming spaces: Our grooming spaces are a single space, 22" wide x 22" deep.

Wire cages: TNCC can provide wire benching cages. If you need a wire cage, please indicate this on Summary Sheet so that we have your benching area prepared just right. (Please make sure you mark the "Wire Cage" section accurately, according to your actual needs; if we can "get it right" in advance, there's less hassle during setup, and it saves everyone the labor of hauling out and putting away extra wire cages. Thank you.)

Personal cages: If you plan to bring a personal cage, please ensure that you will have enough space to accommodate its width. If your cage is wider than 44", you may need to purchase additional space. The maximum depth for a personal cage is 24" deep; if your cage is deeper than 24", it will not fit on our 24" deep tables.

Exhibition/Sale entries will be accepted ONLY from exhibitors with competing entries. You must complete an official entry form for each kitten or cat for sale or on exhibition; per TICA rules, no cat or kitten will be allowed in the show hall if it is not listed in the catalog. You must also have, or purchase, enough cage space to accommodate all your entries (including any ex/sale entries). Absolutely no sales from carriers will be permitted.

Other Cage Requirements

  • The top, floor, sides, and back of each benching cage must be covered.
  • Per TICA rules, only one cat or two kittens per single cage, and two cats or four kittens per double cage.
  • Exhibitors are welcome to decorate their benching cages. However, if you choose to decorate your cage, please, NO SPARKLY SPRINKLES, CONFETTI, OR BALLOONS.


One show catalog is included free with your first entry. Additional show catalogs are $15 each; order on the Summary Sheet. No catalogs will be available for sale in the show hall. The show committee accepts no responsibility for catalog errors due to illegibility or mistakes on the entry form.


If you would like to clerk, please indicate this on the Summary Sheet. We will do our best to place clerks with the judges they request, but can make no guarantees. (We try, whenever possible, to keep multi-day clerks in the same ring all days, as this makes it much easier to bench clerks near their rings.) Clerks will receive $40 for each full day of clerking as payment; if clerking for 3 full days, clerks may opt to receive one 3-day/1-entry Entry Special in lieu of payment. All clerks will recieve lunch and a fully-marked electronic catalog.

MISCELLANEOUS: Food and Litter

Free cat litter for all entries will be provided in the show hall. Please bring your own cat food, food dishes and litter pans. 


The New Culture Club, TICA, the City of Portland, and the Holiday Inn Portland Hotel and Convention Center will not be held liable for illness, injury, loss or damage to cats, exhibitors, property of exhibitors, vendors or other such persons or property in attendance.


The Show Rules of The International Cat Association (TICA) will be in effect.  You may obtain a copy of the show rules from TICA, PO Box 2988, Harlingen, TX 78551.  Rosettes will be awarded according to TICA rules.  

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